“A Kins Domain is something you own that can be passed on to future generations.
I believe this vision for Kins Domains is a solution to help heal people and our planet.”

veterans village kins community

Veterans Village Kins Community

The Veterans Village KIns Community concept differs from the eco-village model because it consists of multiple independent family “Kins Domains” that are self-sufficient. A Kins Domain is 1 hectare (approx. 2.5 acres) of land that is owned by families or individuals.

Each Kins Domain is surrounded by a living fence, which serves as an aesthetic boundary marker rather than a barrier. There is also 1 acre allocated to grow hemp, a pond, an organic garden, natural beehives, a family tree for future generations, and a sustainable house. With multiple Kins Domains within the community, this creates a type of urban development that’s a blend between city and nature.

It is inspired by a series of books called Ringing Cedars of Russia. There is no dogma or set belief system, just complete autonomy of the individual or family to create, what is described as a “Space of Love” or “Kins Domain”, that will bring them the highest nourishment, upliftment, beauty and joy in life.

Bruce Perlowin's Vision

Bruce Perlowin has a vision to create many Kins Communities around the U.S. and eventually globally. He has been building the infrastructure for the Arizona Veteran Village Kins Community since 2013. Each of the communities will be developed on 500 acres of land.
This model is expected to produce lucrative revenue strems from sustainable products produced on the land that can be used to provide services from rehabilitation to job creation.
Here’s the way it works…  In addition to the 2.5 acre Kins Domain, the community will grow an additional 100 acres of produce on the 500-acre communities. The plan also includes building a 100,000 square foot processing facility, which will create even more jobs and revenues. Half of the revenues produced will be used to support the community. The other half of the revenues will be used to purchase 2 additional 500-acre parcels of land to build more Kins Communities and help more people have a better life.

the vision

The First Kins Community Prototype

The first Veteran’s Village Kins Community Arizona is the prototype project for hundreds of others in the future. It is a holistic healing and learning center, whose function is to treat, heal, educate, and re-train our veterans. The model presents a comprehensive holistic solution for American Veterans… people we all owe a great deal of gratitude to. Each Kins Community stands for a specific social cause. The Veterans Village supports the Wild Planet project in partnership with Keepers of the Wild, AZ that saves wild animals.

Staggering Numbers About American Veterans:

  • To date, 40% of America’s homeless are veterans.
  • 12% of homeless veterans are combat woman with children.
  • 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY.
  • 2 million veterans are on food stamps.
  • 238,000 veterans are leaving the armed services every year (according to Dannion Brinkley, Chairman of the Twilight Brigade).

Back To The Farm Model

The Veterans Village is dedicated to support, nurture and heal veterans. The “back to the farm” model provides an income for individuals as well as the community. Veterans learn how to create their own sustainable spaces and to live harmoniously with like-minded people.
Hands on education on how to create a successful business will help veterans integrate back into the world in a gentle positive way, out in nature. In the Veterans Village, they will learn practical applications on many aspects of community and have the opportunities to heal their wounded souls.
The Veterans Village Kins Community will provide an affordable way of living in a less stressful, healthy and sustainable environment. These communities choose to contribute to Earth’s resources instead of abusing them and nurture harmonious relationships with nature and each other. People can find their lifelong extended families and not feel so alone in the world.
Together we grow and thrive, and demonstrate to everyone, especially the children, how to honor people and create a better world of love and compassion for the earth and its people.

the progress

Community Design

The first ever Veterans Village Kins Community is currently being built on 500 acres, which is situated on 4500 acres of land located in Golden Valley, AZ. The 500 acre development will consist of 2.5 -5 acre parcels for Kins Domains to be built on.
 In the center of the community, 7 geodesic domes are being constructed to serve as healing centers, education spaces and various health and wellness centers to support veterans who may have psychological, emotional or health issues. These structures are placed strategically in the configuration of the Flower of Life sacred geometry.
 Hemp, Inc. is a strategic partner of Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc., which is the main company for the Community. They began developing the self-sustainable infrastructure together approximately 5 years ago. The revenue model is to grow hemp and produce CBD products. In order to process the hemp that is grown, the site plan also includes a 100,000 square foot GMP compliant processing plant, and a CBD testing laboratory.


Land is being prepared to grow hemp on June 1st 2019 (when AZ state regulations allow). There is plenty of water on the property. A well was put in and all the water pipes to the parcels have been placed in the ground, so each Kins Domain has access to water.
We’re moving right along with getting things done:
  • Final site-plan blueprints for the 500-acre site have been completed.
  • The first dome is complete, and 6 more are being completed this year (2019)
  • In the final stages of completing the necessary infrastructure to support an off-grid, renewable, energy system.
  • Some solar equipment has been installed and we expect to complete the solar power operation for the community this year (2019).
  • 1,000 trees have been planted on 36 acres, with plans for an additional 1,000 trees.
  • 16 overnight RV sites are under construction.
  • Six 40’×40’ organic vegetable gardens are already in use for seasonal planting.
  • Greenhouse is in use for starting plants for the garden in the spring.

get involved

More Information

We are accepting volunteers who have an interest in helping build the first Veterans Village Kins Community for our veterans. Interested parties can contact Dwight Jory, Project Manager for the “Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc. here:

The Great American Hempathon

Veterans Village Kins Community in partnership with Hemp Inc., announced the second annual Great American Hempathon; a Joint Venture with growers from all over to grow 5-acre parcels. The hemp planting is expected commence July 1st. 100 acres have been already  been cleared. Click here for more information on how to participate.


We’re not just building; we’re demonstrating how to build an eco-village community.
People from all over the world will be watching it happen via our live streaming online cameras.