Building A Kins Domain

building a KINS DOMAIN

What Are Eco Houses Constructed Of?

Many different kinds of building materials will be used in the building of the Veterans Village Kins Community. There are many materials that qualify as eco-friendly green products. Each domain owner has the right to use whatever materials they choose.
There are 7 domes that will be used for healing and education centers. The first dome is covered in sustainable foam, and coated with a super strong material called Gigacrete ( It’s hurricane proof, earthquake proof, and if it were applied thick enough it would be bulletproof.
HempCrete, is a revolutionary green building material that promotes a healthy living environment. It is breathable, alkaline, and resistant to fire, mold and termites. It has a negative carbon footprint, no waste and ZERO LAND FILL. Greg Flavall, one of the world’s most renowned hempcrete experts, will be working with us to hempcrete buildings. With all the hemp crops the Kins Communities will be growing, there should be a steady supply of hemp for making hempcrete.
Bamboo is increasing in popularity as a building material. It has a great deal of tensile strength and can be used in walls and flooring. It is an ideal building material because it can be used behind the scenes — underneath another type of flooring, for example — and as wall screens and mats. Bamboo is very sustainable and grows quickly.

The Family Organic Gardens

An organic garden is an important area of the Kins Domain. It is intended to be able to provide food for the family of the domain as part of the self sustainable model. An organic garden is grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, products derived from natural sources are used.


The idea is to support the health of the entire ecosystem of a yard or garden. When managed organically, you cultivate an ecosystem that sustains and nourishes plants, soil microbes and beneficial insects rather than simply growing plants. The foundation of this ecosystem is the soil. Techniques such as mulching, and composting increases the soils capacity to retain water and nutrients, and supports beneficial microbes, which are essential to healthy plant growth.


A pond adds beauty to the domains and is in alignment with feng shui of the land. Another major benefit of a pond is that is indirectly supports wildlife that has grown scarce in suburban parts of the country. 
Ponds provide a sanctuary by offering food, water, shelter, for indigenous wildlife like dragonflies, frogs, and birds. Including some plants that are native to your area, in and around your pond, as these often provide the best sources of food and cover for native wildlife.


Having a bee hive has positive ecological benefits. Bees play an important role in the pollination of many flowering plants, which produce food. It’s important to protect the bees and having your own beehive is a way to help keep the bee population alive. Honey is also a delicious and highly nutritious food.

Hemp Crops

Growing hemp on the Kins Domains is a built in revenue model that most eco villages have not had in the past. This could be the very reason most of them didn’t make it… they just didn’t have enough income to run the community. 
The Kins model allows for each 2.5 acre Kins Domain to grow 1 acre of hemp. The idea is to design the layout of the land so each hemp crop is next to a neighbor’s hemp crop. This makes it easier to maintain the hemp and harvest it when it comes time. Neighbors can partner up on the cost of the products and equipment needed to grow a field of hemp.