Hempathon FAQ

Hempathon Annual contest

How much is the investment total?

The price to enter the Hempathon will be announced at the beginning of 2020 for a half acre parcel.
Additional costs include: growers provide seeds, irrigation system, soil amendments, and manpower for maintaining and harvesting the crops. 
An estimated cost is approximately $18,000 – per acre from planting to harvest. However, depending on your resources it could be less.

What is the media coverage for this project?

Hemp Inc. will mention the Hempathon in press releases, and any other media outlets used to promote Hemp Inc.
We plan on having several media outlets cover the first day of planting.
Growers featured in the documentary on the History of Modern Day Hemp, with Director Joseph Trivigno of 2 Manifest Studio, LLC. Release date expected by 2021.

How long before investment return?

This is a 60/40 JV with Hemp, Inc. Returns will be disbursed after harvest and the product is sold.
Depending on what growers want to do with the product after the harvest determines the time period for return.

What is the deadline to invest? When does money HAVE to be in?

Our planting is scheduled for the spring of 2020. 
Hemp Inc. will accept money via bank transfer or checks. 


How many acres can we buy to grow?

Each parcel is  a half acre. The limit is (2) parcels per person/company. It is only a buy-in for growing, not to purchase the land.

How much return can I expect on my investment?

We have seen farmers make from $50,000 – $300,000 per acre. However, Hemp Inc. makes no guarantees or claims.

Are any universities involved?

There are no universities participating as it is a contest. However, the amount of research and data that will be collected will be invaluable. 

Who does the testing of the product?

DigiPath Labs In Las Vegas will do all the testing during and after the growing. The participants pay for their own testing. 

How do I find the Master Growers?

Hemp Inc. has access to some Master Growers that could be hired by participants. We make no guarantees about any recommendations. A Master Grower typically gets a weekly salary, room and board, and 10% percentage of the Grow. However, it is up to each grower to make their own agreements with the master grower. 

How is the harvest handled?

Growers and their teams are responsible for harvesting the crops. We will decide at the end of the season if we hand harvest or if we will allow machines to do it. We are leaning toward hand harvesting at this point. If a harvester is acquired, we will let each grower know, as an option.

Do I need a growers permit or is this covered by Hemp Inc.?

The permit will be under the permit of the land owner. Each grower is covered under that permit, so no need to apply individually.