Anastasia's Vision is Simple

The concept Kins Domain is described in a series of books titled, “The Ringing Cedars of Russia.” In Russia, thousands of family farms now produce the bulk of the country’s agricultural products.

Each family stewards 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land, which is their Kins Domain. They design the domain according to their own vision. There is no dogma or set belief system, just complete autonomy of the individual or family Domain to create, what is described as a Space of Love will uplift nourish and bring beauty and joy in life.

A Kins domain has the following features

  • A dam or pond to provide a water supply
  • Living fences
  • Trees planted to provide wood for future generations, building, and firewood.
  • Bee-hives
  • Farm and companion animals
  • Food forest
  • Vegetable patch
  • Area for cultivating grains

If everyone lived like this, the world could be transformed into a paradise garden earth.

The Land

The land will be in an area of great natural beauty that uplifts the soul and inspires everyone who spends time there. The soil will be very rich and fertile with an abundance of water for drinking and irrigation. You should be able to see beautiful wildlife all around, hear the sounds of nature and the land, air and water are as pure as can be, preferably away from main roads. Ideally it should be close to small towns with, warm, friendly people and interesting cultural activities and architecture.

The Model

Each family stewards and owns 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of good fertile land in a beautiful, rural area, which is their Kins Domain. As the community grows, like-minded neighbors will be attracted. The size of the community depends on the size of the land, and how many people want to taste a new life of Freedom!

The Communities have their own agreed upon set of guidelines, and everyone is independent. Some may want to grow food, keep animals, create a small family business, create a beautiful garden, or have a sacred retreat.

A Kins Domain is something you own and can be passed on to future generations. There are many different concepts of Kins Domains, intentional communities and eco-villages. We believe our vision for Kins Domains is a solution to help heal people and our planet.