The Great American Hempathon 2020

Come Grow With Us
The Veterans Village Kins Community Arizona in Golden Valley, Arizona, partnered with Hemp Inc., to host the first-ever grow contest in the modern-day history of hemp called the Great American Hempathon.
The contest took place on our 500-acre ecovillage. Thirty acres were designated for growing hemp.  
In preparation for the Hempathon, six domes were erected, six RV campsites were created, and pipes were laid so the Master Growers could water their crops. 

How Hempathon

The Hempathon will take place in the first growing season in 2020. Growers will demonstrate their best growing abilities and compete for $50,000 in prize money. Each team should have a master grower with knowledge and experience to grow hemp. 

Hemp Inc. creates a joint venture with growers and provides a 1 acre parcel to plant hemp on. Each team is responsible for installing irrigation systems, preparing the soil, and maintaining the grow. The “Hempathon” growing season includes planting, maintaining, harvesting, and processing. 

Hemp Inc. will document the process through videos on social media, our website and press releases. There is also a possible docuseries planned, which will feature growers in the “Hempathon”. (See FAQ).  

Veterans Village CBD Products

Veteran Village Kins Community is designed to grow hemp and produce Hemp CBD and/or CBG products to benefit veterans, as well as generate revenues. The Hempathon is the first project to kick start the revenue model for the kins community. Each grow is dedicated to a veteran or veterans group as a way of showing gratitude for their service to our Country.

Media Coverage for Hempathon

Press Release
Hemp Inc. is a publicly traded company with a large following. The Hempathon will be covered in press releases, articles, and Bruce Perlowin will be talking about it in any media coverage he can. 

Media Coverage
Hemp Inc. will use TV, newspapers, social media, and other outlets to promote the Hempathon. We expect there will be a media frenzy. The event will be a spectacular and very unusual experience perfectly suited for feature stories.
Hemp, Inc. is considering to create a docu-series called “The Modern Day History of Hemp” that will cover the Hempathon, feature growers, and give them an opportunity to showcase their knowledge, products they use and market their companies. 

The Learning Experience

Learn About This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

The Hemp Academy (Arizona) will offer classes in one of our geodesic domes during the Hempathon, which will include hemp experts, product developers, field trips to the grow area, and more. This hands-on, interactive, educational experience is the chance of a lifetime for people to learn about this new emerging multi-billion dollar industry from hemp industry experts.
A 44-ft geodesic dome will be set up to show movies, documentaries and courses on everything from bio-dynamic farming, permaculture, organic farming practices to bees, predator pest control, soil amendments, cloning, grafting and other peripheral agricultural course materials.
The entire operation will be covered on our live streaming video so the world can tap in and watch The Great American Hempathon in real time.

About the Joint Adventure

Responsibilities of the Grower
  • Supply the seeds, clones, and soil amendments
  • Install the irrigation system for their 1-acre parcel.
  • Protect the grow from winds and invasive pests (i.e. aphids, mites, rabbits, gophers, etc.)
  • Provide the personnel, and all other services, equipment, and products necessary to grow, harvest, and prepare to sell the hemp.
Responsibilities of Hemp Inc. and VVKC
  • Provide the parcels for growing hemp and deliver sufficient water to the fields.
  • “Clear” the land of all desert plants growing in the area (with the exception of large trees and cactus).
  • Fence in the entire growing area to protect the grow areas from free-range cattle that reside in that area (this does not include any other species potentially harmful to the hemp plant such as rabbits, birds, insects and other predators).
  • Provide security for the grow area. A full time guard(s) is provided as well as live camera monitoring of the grow area. Growers are encouraged to provide security as well.
  • Provide the tractors and heavy equipment needed for the grow.
  • Assist in post harvest activities such as: drying, curing, bucking, trimming, bagging and selling the hemp. Any costs associated with these services is an added expense to the grower. 
  • Assist in the sale of the finished product(s) if the grower desires.
  • Deliver a finished videography product, documenting the growing process and end results.
The project is considered a Joint Venture between growers and Hemp Inc. All payments, and proceeds will be monitored by an approved professional organization. All sales of the grown hemp will be made by representatives and jointly approved by both parties.
Cost and Revenue Share Info
Entry fee is $5,000 per 1 acre (limit 4 per person). The Joint Venture is a 50/50 split of the net profits between Growers and Hemp Inc.
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