Our Mission


Our Goals

  1. Establish self-sustainable eco-communities around the world that offer higher learning schools for agriculture, healing modalities and spiritual arts.
  2. Rehabilitate Veterans and give them a home create an income for them while they heal. We aim to help stop the suicides that happen each day by giving them an alternative.
  3. Create a sacred space where people from all walks of life and spiritual paths can come together to share and learn.
  4. Generate income for the community and individuals.
  5. Produce events for education, healing, spiritual arts and entertainment.
  6. Establish schools for the children of the communities to enrich their lives and develop positive self esteem.

Our Mission

We aim to solve the social issue of underserved veterans and help stop the problem of veterans committing suicide every day. 
We aim to bring educators, healers, and specialists that deal with PTSD, addictions and other mental issues, that can help veterans gain a new lifestyle. 
The community will provide a place for veterans to heal, have a support group and work with the earth to gain balance back in their lives.

Our Vision

The vision of Kins Communities is to get back to the land and create sustainable ways of living in harmony with nature. There will be a network of Kins villages around the world with like-minded tribes that share a global vision of making the world a better place, that work together to educate others and support each other in many ways.
The communities grow organic food, build sustainable homes, and create profitable enterprises. Energy needs will be produced from natural resources and energy efficient technologies, such as wind, solar, turbine and water.
The initial community is a holistic healing and learning center for veterans, offering personal growth, education, spiritual and physical healing modalities, sustainable agriculture classes, fitness, meditation, yoga, and sacred spaces. The goal is to give veterans a place they can be supported, listened to and learn a new way of living in harmony with nature and others.
Common creative spaces will be available to hold workshops, entertainment, provide tools and other digital technologies. Residents are encouraged to collaborate with each other when they can, on projects that bring growth to everyone in the community.
Income will be generated for individuals and the communities as a whole, through community organized and run businesses.