The Gathering of the Buses

The Gathering of the Buses

Two and a half hours north of  Quartzsite,  in  Golden  Valley,  Arizona,  we are building  Veterans  Village  Kins  Communities on  500 acres. You can see a live stream of the Holistic Healing & Learning Center portion of this project by visiting and clicking on the live stream link. Around the mountain from Veterans Village Kins Community, we are building the largest wildlife animal sanctuary in the world on 2,500 acres called “Wild Planet” (, which has already been approved by Mohave County. Everybody is invited to come park their motorhomes and buses on the property or on the surrounding BLM (bureau of land management) property which surrounds the Veterans Village Kins Community on three sides. The Community is equipped with a sizable stage for entertaining, 6 geodesic domes, and water hookups in over a dozen locations. However, there are no electrical hookups.

We have some major events planned and you don’t want to miss out so get your tickets early if you want to go! Want to volunteer? Be a part of the clean-up crew? We’d love to have you 🙂 We’ll have minor events every weekend and some of those are free. We’re sure a lot of you have musical instruments… let the stage be your muse night after night until your heart’s content. All of our events, including the Gathering of the Buses, will be 100% coronavirus compliant.  Booths, if you want one during an event, will be reasonably priced. For now, parking is free… just help us plant a tree or help Frank from NorthCal Wood Products ( build a home to house a veteran in the future.   June 4, 2021, the buses start the journey:

2. The Journey of the Buses

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  • Our Message…
  • Free our plant prisoners
  • End feral cannabis prohibition
  • Visit America’s natural treasures on the way to the meeting of the buses

3. The Meeting of the Buses

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A Full Day of Peace & Love to End the War on Drugs

July 4, 2021
51st Annual Smoke-In
2 Lincoln Memorial Circle
Washington, DC

4. Homeward Bound

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July 5, 2021 – Head to Florida to move back to the land and grow your own food and medicine at our Kins Communities down there.